Fractal Collective

Who are we?

A dynamic collaborative initiative led by artistic director Zino Schat. Together with assistant choreographer Barbara Minacori and business leader Glenn Westphal, we form the driving force behind our non-profit Dance Theater organization.
Zino Schat, an impassioned choreographer, has crafted a unique dance language seamlessly merging contemporary dance with influences from the world of Hip-hop.

What are we doing?

Fractal Collective signifies the creation of interdisciplinary Theater creations and also serves as a vibrant community. We facilitate a community of creative minds, providing a space to connect with likeminds and to nurture their ideas.

Why are we doing this?

Embracing the philosophy: "HIP HOP - High Infinite Power Healing Our People," we actively engage in dance, sound design, and videography within the collective and community, fostering a platform where creatives come together to bring their visions to life. We believe that art is a vehicle that could provide hope to the people and have a social impact.

Our belief is rooted in the idea that the Fractal community serves as a hub for like-minded individuals, where art becomes a positive outlet for this and upcoming generation of creatives. Together, we strive to provide a platform where these visionary minds can unite and breathe life into their artistic expressions.

Fractal Collective

Core Team

Zino Schat


Choreographer, sound designer, dancer and videographer with a background as a music teacher, brings a unique combination of skills and experience to his artistic work. His focus lies in addressing socio-cultural themes through an interdisciplinary approach. By blending dance with other disciplines, Zino innovatively tells meaningful stories and conveys profound emotions. Zino has been a resident artist at Korzo and works as a coach and teacher at the AHK in Amsterdam.

Glenn Westphal

Business Leader

Glenn is an empathetic problem solver. His expertise in pragmatic and visionary solutions has been developed over more than 30 years of experience in accountancy, consultancy, and interim management across various sectors. He has cultivated multidisciplinary skills with experience in Finance, Organization, IT, and HR. Simultaneously, he was also a dancer and singer, fostering connections with diverse individuals in the arts sector.

Barbara Minacori

Assistent Choreographer/Dancer

Barbara studied dance at Balletto di Toscana in Florence. She completed her training at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, earning her diploma. Barbara joined the Rotterdam-based Scapino Ballet before moving to Budapest to work with the Dart Dance Company and is currently active as dancer in Tanztheater Osnabruck. Collaborating with Zino Schat, she explores the fusion of contemporary dance language with urban dance styles.

Fractal Community


Mike van Alfen

Mike van Alfen is a Dramaturge with many years of experience in the evolution of HipHop in theater and guiding makers. Mike supports Zino in dramaturgy within the productions of Fractal.

Adrian NewGent

Adrian is a sound designer who studied Sonology in The Hague. He is actively engaged in sound design and collaborates with Zino. He has worked on productions with Collective Dope in Hungary and is currently active in The Hague.

Daijiro Hama
Visual Artist

With his Japanese roots, Daijiro brings Japanese influences to the Netherlands. His previously monochromatic work is recognized worldwide, and since 2019, Daijiro has actively engaged in research with Fractal, both in the Netherlands and in Japan.

Hung Nguyen

Hung is a Breaker and a graduated biologist currently working for the municipality in Purmerend. With Vietnamese roots and having grown up in Purmerend, he has been closely connected to the Fractal Hip-hop community. He imparts his knowledge through lessons to the new generation of Hip-hoppers in Purmerend and Amsterdam.

Tom Pham - Rehearsal Director Fractal

Tom graduated as a dancer from the Fontys Academy. With a background in Hip-hop culture, he delved into other styles during his time at Fontys. Tommy has danced in multiple productions by Zino and is regularly enlisted as a rehearsal director.

Alpha Toure

Alpha is a Breaker and videographer based in Spain. With roots from Senegal, he promotes the Hip-hop scene in Barcelona. He is active in the field of videography and uses breaking as a means to connect with the youth. Alpha provides lessons to the new generation of Hip-hoppers in Barcelona, Spain.

Giulio Hoxhallari

Giulio is a new member that is active as a contemporary dancer in Zino's and Fractal's work. With Albanian roots he grew up in Italy where he studied at the university of dance in Milaan. He blends different styles effortless to his unique signature.

Lisha Chen

Lisha is the young generation. All the way from China, with a background from Popping and Contemporary, she did a master in choreography.