Zino Schat


Zino Schat is a choreographer, sound designer, Videographer and the artistic director of Fractal. Prior to developing his own theater performances, he spent years teaching music and touring the world in both theaters and on the streets. 
By utilizing complementary techniques, telling tales, and conveying emotions, he bridges the gap between contemporary and HipHop dance styles.

Currently Zino is a 4 years artist in residence within Korzo Theater in Den Haag. 


In his craftsmanship, Zino raised awareness of higher artistic standards. He acquired a multidisciplinary approach to learning as a dancer, maker, videographer and sound designer. 


An inquiry into own signature is both personal and urgent. This is based on interactions with audiences in a variety of settings and stems from his experience as a street performer. As a result, he investigates manners and how different identities in society come together - as well as how they are expressed at various stages and in various forms. 


With Dutch-Maluku ancestry, bi-cultural backgrounds are as obvious as diversity in the HipHop culture. This maintains a variety of viewpoints on current affairs and social trends. It facilitates critical perspective, sharing, and creation. 

Contemporary & Hip-Hop 

Zino displaces the traditional hip-hop dance from its native environment and instead talks about themes that are current and affect everyone. He concluded that hip-hop offers a fruitful foundation for narrating tales and conveying feelings. He is skilled at bridging the gaps between different dance languages. His art features recognizable human themes that speak to individuals.