Zino Schat

Theater maker Zino Schat fuses contemporary dance with urban arts to create a fresh hybrid form of expression. Zino performs continual, in-depth research to stay current with his movement language. The recurring social themes that inspire his works are a reflection of his background as a street performer. He looks into social norms and how different subcultures interact in society as well as how they are represented in different media. For this, his works originate from a source that is inherently human and engages the audiences in an honest way.

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SOMA - Conny Janssen 'danslokaal 10'

"With certain combinations it is almost possible to hear the text, the dance idiom has been developed so meaningfully and the dancers perform this choreography with such inner involvement. Thus a process in dance is portrayed from years of men's friendship and togetherness in all its complex facets. A performance that can be regarded as an enrichment of the modern dance repertoire"