"We are excited to announce that a new full-evening creation is in the works.
An extraordinary fusion of live visual and physical art"

"Whispering a Prayer"

Premiere 12-September

Co-Produced by: 

Fractal Collective, NDT and Korzo.

 "Exit Sign" 

"Exit Sign"

13 Cologne, Germany, "Tanz Factur"
11-12-13 Cologne, Germany. Workshop "Triplet Phrasing' By Zino Schat "SommerAkademie 2o24"

"Whispering a Prayer"

12-13 Korzo, Den Haag
18 SSB, Utrecht
24 Bellevue, Amsterdam
28 Haarlem, Schuur

15 Schiedam, Wennekerpand
18 Nijmegen, Lux
23 Rotterdam, kz Schouwburg

27 Leiden, Ins Blau
29 Maastricht, Ainsi

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SOMA - Conny Janssen 'danslokaal 10'

"With certain combinations it is almost possible to hear the text, the dance idiom has been developed so meaningfully and the dancers perform this choreography with such inner involvement. Thus a process in dance is portrayed from years of men's friendship and togetherness in all its complex facets. A performance that can be regarded as an enrichment of the modern dance repertoire"