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Exit Sign - Korzo

With more power, you can make more impact. At least, that's what you would say. Unfortunately, all too often people lose themselves in the craving for power and anxiously cling to their powerful position in the world. So how much impact can you make?

Exit Sign is a mirror of our pyramid, with men doing everything they can to climb even higher. The intentions may have been good in the beginning, but get sullied by the self-centered pursuit of reaching the top. Fractal's choreographer and artistic director Zino Schat drew inspiration for Exit Sign from his experiences from the battle scene and current conflicts on the world stage.

Premiere 14 March
Korzo, DenHaag

Soma - Conny Janssen 'Danslokaal 10'

Artistic direction/Choreography

How should one deal with societal expectations? Soma is about 4 men coping with a world dominated by toxic masculinity. Society sends them a clear message: masculinity means being dominant, assertive, and tough. We can see how the dominant idea of masculinity influences an individual's development. How do you relate to others as a man, and how do you remain faithful to yourself? Is there space for emotions and vulnerability?

Eroica - Korzo & Ndt 'Here we live and now'

Artistic direction/Choreography

In Eroica, the concepts of friendship and the need for originality are discussed. They are encouraged to grow as two friends until the need for individuality outweighs their friendship. During their quest for personal development, they encounter a pandemic and a lockdown, reinforcing the importance and need for companionship.

Chasing the [Blank] - Korzo & Fractal

Artistic direction/Choreography

The question we are asking ourselves as we pursue the [blank] is: why are we constantly seeking? Is that security, happiness, or wealth? Do we make ourselves or others proud? Are we seeking inner fulfillment or acclaim from others? What makes us want to improve ourselves and seek more and more. Do we genuinely understand why?

And the rest is noise - Fractal

Artistic direction/Choreography 

"Do we not create constant conflict by resisting the unpleasant, the ugly, and the disturbing and accepting only what is pleasurable?" Love is not the opposite of hatred. (..) Listening, like observing, is an act of attention. If you do not condemn noise, it will continue to disturb your mind. Fractal, collaborates in "And the rest is noise" with Japanese visual artist Daijiro Hama and Justin De Jager as co-choreographer to investigate how noise can be perceived by a human; somewhere between silence and buzz, focus and distraction, faith and release.

Ritratto - De nationale opera 'Willem Jeths'


The extravagantly wealthy Italian Marchioness Casati aspired to be seen all her life. She was famous for the lavish parties she organized. She had herself portrayed or photographed by numerous artists. With her black-rimmed eyes, flaming red hair and eccentric behavior, she tried to gain a place in the art world.

From the streets to the seats - Fractal

Artistic direction/Choreography

With from the streets to the seats, Fractal will show you the struggles and joys living from street performing, the brotherhood, the freedom that comes with insecurities – and finally the constant urge to improve their skills. A production that includes a streetperformance, documentary and dance theater.

One Blood - Fractal

Artistic direction/Choreography

Fractal asked themselves confronting questions about our colonial past and the manner in which racism still influences our daily lives. They question what impact this story still has on their identity in the present-day, how our lives today are scarred by the past. One Blood is made in collaboration with spoken word artist Sjaan Flikweert.

youth productions

Fractals - Danslab Meervaart 

Building 87 - Danslab Meervaart

Euterpe - Cygnus College x de Nationale Opera